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Yurt / Ger Diary

written by Rene K. Mueller, Copyright (c) 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, last updated Sat, January 3, 2015

10. 11. 2005: More Photos

Some more photos:

Complete Setup
2005/11/10 16:48
2005/11/10 16:48
2005/11/10 16:49
2005/11/10 16:49
2005/11/10 16:49

7. 11. 2005: Minor Adjustments

Raincover (square)

Raincover (round)

I cut away the square raincover of the roof to a circle; which makes it look more a yurt than before now. The sun came out briefly and it got warm immediatly, also in the yurt - at the current setup it warms up quickly, good at winter time, but for summer time not preferd and additional draft is required to have the heat leave the yurt.

6. 11. 2005: First Night

Insulation mattress and sleeping bag
Spent the first night in the yurt, the stove I couldn't use as the pipe is a bit too short to reach far enough from the outer cover - so it was rather chilly, 3-4 C at night, and humid as well. Since I used white and half-transparent insulation and raincover the interior of the yurt is very bright, even at night with little light from the village is sufficient to make it a bit brighter already. The beautiful geometry with the toono (crown-wheel) with its clear PVC cover, I just slept beneath it, beautiful sight into the sky at night.

I start now to fixate the khana (wall) to the floor as I realized it just moves too easy when you push the walls, also the door needs to be fixated to the floor. What I still need to do is adding thermal insulation to the roof. Next steps is to fill the interior of the yurt with my daily stuff, a desk, install the stove, etc and also the computer I will install.

3. 11. 2005: Errected Again

After delays to get the floor and its insulation, I'm finally able to erect the yurt again, adding the cotton interior roof canvas, its raincover, thermal insulation for the wall - unfortunately it begins to rain and the surrounding gets muddy, so I have to wait for the next steps.

My floor setup looks like this: lanes of PVC, apprx. 7m diameter, then Sagex, then the wooden planks (1.30-1.42m and 2.00-2.05m in size) on top, I let 5-10cm extra to the 6.40m, just in case.

Preparing the ground
2005/11/03 15:19
PVC lanes 1st ground layer
2005/11/03 15:36
Sagex as 2nd ground layer
2005/11/03 16:07
Wood planks as 3rd ground layer
2005/11/03 17:42
Round wooden planks build floor
2005/11/04 14:19

I put up the wall, with door - which turned out to be more difficult than expected because I considered to attach the main wall rope not on the doorframe to be a good idea to remove any stress unto the doorframe - yet, where else? I attached the ends on one or two of the wall junctions, and those stretched quite away. I was cautious to pull and adjust the previous fastened wall rope; but my roof and bamboo roof poles seemed light enough so I was able to tighten the wall rope further and pull the diameter to its 6.40m - as I had 6.50m or even more and the outer wall raincover didn't fit by 10cm, so the diameter was too large, the roof pressed the walls outside, and the rope needed to be tighten.

Putting up the wall
2005/11/04 14:33
Integrating the door
2005/11/04 15:32
Roof cover, and wall heat insulation
2005/11/06 14:20
Inside with preliminary covers, not yet cut in shape
2005/11/06 14:20
2005/11/06 14:20

The toono (crown-wheel) and roof poles I put up as before, worked fine now that I knew what I had to pay close attention for. The cotton canvas for the roof we pulled through the toono, and unwrapped it on the top of the roof with a ladder. The rain canvas for the roof we pulled over from the side, and moved the hole to the toono, and then put on the clear PVC cover, which fixated the rain cover further.

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