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Temporary Buildings

In this section I feature individuals and groups who live in temporary buildings:

Chris Aeppli (Switzerland): 7.5m yurt near Winterthur Claudius Kern (Austria, New Zealand): 2-level yurt René K. Müller (Switzerland): my own 6.4m yurt insulated with straw

Geodesic Solitude (USA), a couple living in two geodesic domes Jurtendorf (Switzerland), Andrea Weibel with others living in various yurts Johnny's Capsule (India), tetrahedron-based capsule developed in Auroville

Neolithics of Pfyn (Switzerland), experimental swiss TV project of two families living in a stone age setup for 30 days

If you are also living in a temporary building such as tipi, yurt or a dome, and you like to share your experiences, please feel free to contact me via email (see link below "Contact").

I also will later feature spiritual / ecological communities sharing Simply Differently's approach and goals.


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