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Yurt / Ger Diary

written by Rene K. Mueller, Copyright (c) 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, last updated Sat, January 3, 2015

26. 5. 2006: New Wheels / Toono

1.22m Wheel, 8 Segments for 6.4m Yurt

8 Segment 1.22m Wheel / Toono
Today I continued to do the wheels / toono for the two new yurts, one wheel 8 segment wheel (1.22m diameter): I have sawn the segments a couple of weeks ago but postponed the glueing as I didn't saw it with 22.5° but 22° (off by 1-2mm per segment side as I didn't calibrated the new circular saw), bad choice as during the last weeks the wood deformed apprx.1 to 2mm on the side - so I had to sew the sides anyway again to get straight sides. This time I also thought to choose another procedure: glue first before using wooden dowels; to tie all segments with one long rope, and press it all together, this way it adjusts all spaces evenly better, and then after it dried, drill holes and increase stability of the junctions with dowels. This procedure worked out so far quite well (no dowels yet done).

Preparing the crown wheel (8 segments approach)
2006/04/08 13:18
Cutting the master segment
2006/04/08 13:40
All segments done, but 22.5° is not precise, need to redo the angle
2006/04/08 14:21
All segments laid on the ground, seeing if the segment seamless fit
2006/05/26 11:47
2006/05/26 11:48
Beginning to glue all junctions, very quickly ...
2006/05/26 11:49
... and a rope around all and then tightened, so you hear the wood ...
2006/05/26 11:53
Had to put some weight on it so the tightening knot didn't open again
2006/05/26 11:59
Letting it dry for 3-4 hours
2006/05/26 16:09
Finished for now (without dowels yet), quite stable
2006/05/26 16:10
Adding the frame part to the crown wheel (toono)
2006/06/07 12:41
Positioning the frame for the skylight
2006/06/07 15:40
Frame of the skylight glued, and tightened with a rope
2006/06/07 15:44
Inserting to the crown wheel to make sure the angles are ok
2006/06/07 15:51

So, I also made the crown-wheel collar which holds the frame of the skylight.

1.92m Wheel, 12 Segments for 9.45m Yurt

The large wheel, 1.92m diameter, I do with 12 segments, 15° per segments - I did saw the 3 * 12 segments (50cm long, 2.5cm thick), total 36 segments, but I haven't had the space (flat enough area) to assemble. So I used my working procedure using 6cm x 6cm timber to form also the 1.92m wheel.

Preparing the 12 segment 1.92m crown wheel, with 6cm x 6cm
2006/06/07 16:22
Starting to layout the 12 segments
2006/06/07 17:00
Layed out all 12 segments
2006/06/07 17:04
All segments glued (rather quickly) and tightened with a rope
2006/06/07 17:26
After 4-5 hours we are done, 12 segments, 1.92m diameter crown wheel
2006/06/07 21:18
Inner frame glued ...
2006/06/09 14:47

Maybe later I reuse the 36 flat segments when I figured out a good procedure to assemble it with limited space, e.g. making quarters first and glue them and as 2nd step assemble the 4 quarters in a whole wheel.

22. 5. 2006: New Beginnings

The last weeks I have been working on more dome models, started a small web-site for an interest group for temporary buildings here in Switzerland called EinfachAnders.ch (german), and visited a group of people who started a project called "Global-Natives.com " (german/english) in southern part of Switzerland, in an abandoned valley. Depending on their success of acquiring legal permission to take the valley over, I will provide and develop yurts and domes with them, for the summer time there. Additionally, my time in Oberdürnten where I spent the last year in tipi and yurt is coming slowly to an end, and I'm looking now for a new place with more space to work, build and erect developments, in particular the two planned yurts and a dome.

30. 4. 2006: Cold Night, Warm Day

Trees start to bloom
The last couple of days it rained all day long, at 10°C - I fired the stove again a bit. This morning clear sky, but 0°C and icecrystals on the skylight. I have been pondering on the quilted blanket insulation approach as developed by Claudius Kern (see yurt notes for insulation), and thought to try it out before winter time, it may insulate against overely heat too.

Today I expect a full range of temperature, starting at 0°C at 8:30 rising to 35°C at noon with open skylight and open door (slight draft and whirl inside the yurt).

21. 4. 2006: Skipped Spring, Summer is Here & Repairs

Wonderful April Day

Beautiful Spring/Summer Sunset

Well, it feels at least that way. We have 18-22°C the last days, no clouds, inside the jurt 37°C with open door and open crown-wheel cover (skylight).

I also took the time to check the skylight in detail, and saw the tape I used as dried out, and had to be replaced, it lasted 6 months (11/2005 - 04/2006) The clear PVC ist still ok, but the tape I used I encapsulated too much of the wooden frame so water collected there, when I removed the tape the frame was wet - now I taped it only on the side but not underneath the frame anymore.

Dried tape of the skylight
2006/04/20 14:38
2006/04/20 14:38
Water soaked wood frame (1)
2006/04/20 14:40
Water soaked wood frame (2)
2006/04/20 14:41
Lots of water
2006/04/20 14:41
Drying the frame
2006/04/20 14:44
Replaced clear tape connecting the clear PVC cone
2006/04/20 17:14

11. 4. 2006: Winter is Back (Again)

After days of heavy rain the temperature dropped again, and we had 15-20cm snow again:

11th April 2006: winter is back (1)
2006/04/11 08:05
11th April 2006: winter is back (2)
2006/04/11 08:06
11th April 2006: winter is back (3)
2006/04/11 08:07
11th April 2006: winter is back (4)
2006/04/11 08:07

Additionally I started to work on the new yurts, and began with one crown wheel, will document this in a later entry here.

7. 4. 2006: Reflection on the Yurt

Now that I made it through the winter 2005/2006, which was very cold and long, in my own self-built yurt, and truly became to appreciate and turned into a passion for the yurt. I truly love and loved every moment being in the yurt, with its (semi-)translucent materials I used the yurt is daylight bright inside. The simplicity of the yurt, how the static is achieved - wonderful. I look forward to spend the first summer within it and work further and refine the details, and document my experiences further on this website.

For now the yurt is my favourite temporary shelter to live the entire year in - but I also will explore dome-like shelters and see if I can insulate it for heat/cold as good with the yurt.

19. 3. 2006: Cleaning Stove Pipe

Today I cleared and cleaned the stove pipe, its parts. They were full of coal dust as I had problems yesterday night to heat the stove as the smoke didn't pull up through the pipe anymore and I assumed it was filled with too much coal dust. While dismantling the pipe parts, I saw the main rain cover (PE, polyethylen) had a hole along the main cord pushing unto the heat insulator - unfortunatly it seemed the pipe heat insulator wasn't good enough. I have to fix that hole, e.g. sewing a patch on it, and increase the insulator.

The last days with sunshine gave again plenty heat, over 35C inside - while I cleaned the stove pipe I experienced the hot air leaving the yurt. It is expected to get cooler again the next days, the spring time is once again delayed. I await warmer weather in order to have the rest snow melted and able to work outside on the crown wheel of the next yurts I planned.

6. 3. 2006: Interior Photos & Video Clip

I realized I had very few photos of the final interior, so here some:

Yurt interior: overview
2006/03/06 13:20
Yurt interior: bed & stove
2006/03/06 13:21
Yurt interior: cloth shelf & paintings
2006/03/06 13:21
Yurt interior: small desk with sewing machine, misc. tools
2006/03/06 13:21
Yurt interior: door & fan
2006/03/06 13:21
Yurt interior: door, entry carpet, shelfs
2006/03/06 13:21
Yurt interior: server, printer, main desk with monitors
2006/03/06 13:21
Yurt interior: overview from entry
2006/03/06 13:22
Yurt interior: main desk
2006/03/06 13:24
Yurt interior: door opened
2006/03/06 13:22
Yurt interior: view to outside
2006/03/06 13:23

Yurt Interior

Yurt Interior Layout (2005/2006)
In this video-clip I show you around alike the photo-series above, with brief english commentary of mine.

Sun is stronger, 30C inside, whereas outside 2C, so I left the door open for a few mins to have fresh and cooler air. Still lots of snow, and a bit more snow to be expected.

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