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All content is licensed under CC BY NC:
  • CC: Creative Common base license, use the material freely (at no cost) and share it with the same license.
  • BY: requires proper attribution, e.g. "By SimplyDifferently.org / Rene K. Mueller" or so.
  • NC: Non-Commercial: all information is for personal or non-profit use, you can copy all information and share it freely among friends, or even on the net, given CC BY NC is respected, but you may not publish the information in a commercial manner, e.g. for a fee or apply other monetary restrictions.

For more details, visit Creative Commons BY NC detailed explanation.

Clarification: Using the information to build yurts, domes etc and resell

All the information, e.g. struts lengths, the illustrations are CC BY NC, but this, according my wish, does and should not prevent you to build a business and actually build yurts and domes yourself.

The CC BY NC is focused on the actual web-site content, the illustrations, text, explanations, and photos. The numbers themselves represent a small fraction when actually build a yurt or dome, even though this web-site represents years of research and work of mine, it is still small compared to the mechanical research which a geodesic dome for example requires.

When you use the numbers from this web-sites to build domes, yurts etc, there is no requirement for any license, or compensation. You do not actually copy and resell the numbers, but you use the numbers to build something physical - and this is what this web-site is really about.

Creative Commons main idea is of sharing, and not the Patent ideology which would limit you even use the numbers to do anything with it - this is one of the main differences of Creative Commons and the current Patent system.

My intention is to inspire people to build their own habitats, if someone builds habitats for others as a business model, great too.

René K. Müller
May 2014


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